Spotify Ad Blocker

Version 1.0


What is Spotify Ad Blocker?

Spotify Ad Blocker allows you to run a proxy server that you port Spotify's traffic through. In doing this, you are able to block some or all sites that Spotify is trying to connect with. By default, the whitelist only allows Spotify's image sites, music streaming, and reconnecting to Spotify. The blacklist, (while not necessary when using whitelist), blocks known ad sites Spotify will try to connect to.

How can I use Spotify Ad Blocker?

Setting up Spotify Ad Blocker is easy.

Please note Spotify Ad Blocker needs administrator privileges.

Spotify Ad Blocker Features

Fully customizable


Spotify Ad Blocker allows you to change almost any setting you could think about.

Monitor Spotify connections


You can monitor connections made by Spotify by easily opening the console and viewing them.

Material design

Spotify Ad Blocker was built utilizing a material desgin look to be more user friendly.

Out of the way


You can change the settings to allow starting up to the system tray to just run and forget about Spotify Ad Blocker.

Not only for Spotify

You can use this to tunnel any program you want through this proxy to manage and monitor their connections. (But if you are using this as a system-wide ad blocker, let me teach you about a little thing called a host file. It'll work better as a system-wide ad blocker)

Common errors

Why are some ads playing?

This could be due to the configuration of Spotify Ad Blocker or Spotify has the ads cached

Spotify is not connecting

This is usually because Spotify Ad Blocker is not running (and Spotify is set to connect to it) or a misconfiguration in the proxy settings.

I changed settings about the proxy, but they're not working

Try restarting the proxy, and if that doesn't work restart Spotify Ad Blocker.

What is "System.FormatException: An invaild IP address was specified"?

This is when the IP setting is misconfigured. Change the proxy ip to

Known sites

Ad sites:

Good sites:

Editing the white list or the black list

The white/black list works by checking one line at a time and seeing if the connection Spotify is attempting contains that line. On the white list, if the connection does not contain any of the lines, then it is blocked. The black list, however, if the connection contains any of the lines, then it is blocked.

For example, if a line in the whitelist was, any connection going to would be allowed. (Like However, if that line was in the blacklist file, it would block any connection going to

They can also work on a wildcard bases. So if the whitelist had a line that contained .com, all .com sites would be allowed.

Building and compiling

That's it